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Full-Stack Web Development

In this increasingly digital world having a well-designed SEO friendly website as quickly as possible is essential for success on the web. Whether you are a business, social movement or personal blog. With our course on Full-Stack Web Development you will be able to code, design, and program commercial grade websites. Develop your skills in HTML5, CSS & Backend Programming and start your career as a standout Full-Stack Web Developer.

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Overview of the program

As the customer has moved onto the digital space, it is necessary for businesses to do the same. A website acts as an online showroom where you can not only push your goods and products, but also make an impression on your customer. Hence, having a great website is an absolute necessity for every business. Website development refers to developing a website for the internet or an intranet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration

Skills Covered arrow

  • Website Development
  • HTML, Advance html5
  • CSS, CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Node JS
  • Python

Key Features arrow

  • Interactive Sessions with Distinguished Mentors
  • 200+ Hours of Online Sessions
  • Flexible Payment Model
  • Certifications From Internationally Renowned Universities
  • Practical Exposure Through Industry-Relevant Projects & Internships
  • Mock Test / Mock Interviews to Make you Interview Ready
  • Career Counselling
  • Resume Building Assistance


Web development introduction

  • What is website design?
  • Why are websites important?
  • Fundamental web principles & technology
  • Command Line Interface tools

Introduction to Python

  • Python Basics
  • Python Data Structures
  • Python Programming Fundamentals

Website design principles

  • Introduction to UX
  • Creating a website with good UX
  • Website design process


  • What is HTML 5?
  • Differences between HTML5 & HTML
  • Div & Span
  • Basics of HTML
  • HTML Tags
  • Metadata
  • Advanced HTML5 feautures


  • What is a CSS?
  • Use of CSS in web design
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Types of CSS
  • Images and animations.
  • CSS grid & layout
  • CSS grid & flexbox

Java Script

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Basics of coding
  • JavaScript data types
  • Flow control & Looping
  • Programming
  • Refactoring & Debugging

Object oriented programming

  • Inheritance, Constructors and Destructor
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism


  • Selector, Traversing
  • Events, Ajax, DOM

Database Management

  • Introduction to database management
  • SQL
  • Data Modelling
  • PHP

Backend Programming

  • Nodes introduction
  • Server - Side JavaScript
  • NPM
  • JavaScript Build Processes
  • Event Loop and Emitters
  • API’s
  • Creating the UI


  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Keyword research and tools for Keyword research.
  • Creating Content for SEO.
  • Link Building and BackLinks.
  • Schema Mark-up For SEO.


  • kNN introduction
  • kNN practical
  • SVM introduction
  • SVM practical
  • Decision tree classifier and random forest classifier in python


Our Real- Time projects help you gain knowledge and enhance your skills.


On completion of a program each participant gets a course completion, internship and outstanding performance certificates.

Course Completion Certificate is awarded to you for the dedication and time you have provided to learn and enhance your skills during your training.

Internship Completion Certificate is awarded to you after gaining practical exposure and work experience by successful completion of the capstone projects.

Outstanding Performer Certification is awarded to the extraordinary students who have performed exceptionally well during the training and internship periods.

9 / 10 of our learners achieve their learning objectives after successful course completion.

Affordable and student friendly prices.



    • Course Duration : 6 months
    • Live classes : 80 Hours
    • Video Content : 100 Hours
    • 3 Major + 2 Minor Projects
    • Program Completion Certificate
    • Co-branded internship Certificate*
    • 100% Job Guarantee (T&C Applied)


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Our alumni are already starting to make waves in their industries. Our former students are already working in high-profile industries and are shaping our futures.

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01Is full-stack web development hard?

The path to becoming a full stack developer will take time. It’s not only about learning various front-end and backend technologies. It’s also about understanding those two areas in more detail and making communication between those two areas easy and smooth. At Acmegrade we make this process easier by teaching you the theory, training you in the required skills and giving you project experience and industry exposure.

02Are full-stack web developers in demand?

The demand for full-stack developers is high because they are a valuable asset to any company. Their wide-ranging knowledge allows them to be flexible, adaptable, and agile, which are essential skills for working on software products both in the start-up world and elsewhere.

03How is the job guarantee program different from your other courses?

The fundamental principles behind our teachings are the same. However, the job guarantee programs are a more advanced training regiment with the goal of having our students ready to join the workforce in all facets. This program also comes with professional support, counselling and guidance as well as assistance in resume building. Our team at Acmegrade will make sure that you get your start in the career of your choice.

04Will this program guarantee me a job?

Yes. At Acmegrade our focus is making sure our students are industry ready. Not only will you possess the requisite knowledge and skill, but you will also have prior exposure before the employment process with our program. Additionally, we will give you all the necessary support including interview training, career counselling and resume building assistance. Our mentors work hand in hand with our placement team to make sure you get the perfect job for you.

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