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The IC Engine is the primary device that powers nearly all our automobiles today. With Acmegrade you will be able to understand the workings of an IC Engine and be able to maintain and build your very own IC Engine.

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Overview of the program

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer in a combustion chamber. The ignition and combustion of the fuel occurs within the engine itself. The engine then partially converts the energy from the combustion to work. After the piston compresses the fuel-air mixture, the spark ignites it, causing combustion.

01How are ICEs used?

Just head out onto a sidewalk and look around you. You will be able to see IC engines in use everywhere you turn. IC engines are the predominant tool used to power most automobiles and other heavy industrial tools.

02Do you need to know how to build an IC engine to have a career in engineering?

The answer is yes. Most careers in engineering require you to understand how different engines and motors work in order for you to be able to build and design any machine. Even if you enter a field such as electrical engineering you will still be required to know how a traditional IC engine works as it is the form of engine that is most in use today.

03Why Acmegrade?

At Acmegrade we place an emphasis on equipping our interns with the practical skills necessary to succeed. This doesn’t mean however, that the subject’s theory is exempted from our course. We will teach you the necessary theoretical concepts and practical skills to succeed. We will also let you get hands-on experience from our top associated mentors who are distinguished in their respective fields.



  • What is an IC engine?
  • Basic terminologies
  • How does it work?
  • Scope of study
  • Applications
  • Broad classification of IC engines
  • Comparison of gasoline and diesel engines
  • Major components of IC engine
  • Anticipating IC engine

Thermodynamics of IC Engines

  • Indicator Diagram
  • Air Standard cycles and its assumptions
  • Deviation from ideal cycles
  • Actual cycles in IC engines
  • Comparison of cycles

Fuel Metering

  • What is fuel metering?
  • Factors considering air – fuel mixture
  • Carburetion in SI engine
  • Air fuel mixture and its requirements
  • Idling and cruising
  • Compensating devices for simple carburetor
  • Advanced Carburetors for SI engines
  • Fuel Metering in diesel engines

Ignition Process

  • Valve Timing Diagram - Ideal and
  • Ideal stages of combustion
  • Stages of combustion in SI and CI engine
  • Knocking comparison in SI and CI engine
  • Control of detonation
  • Delay periods
  • Effects of spark timing
  • Effect of anti-knocking agents
  • Battery ignition systems

Design of Combustion Chambers

  • Requirements of combustion chamber design
  • Types of combustion chambers in SI and CI Engine
  • Forces on Piston and Friction
  • Vibration and Noise control
  • Turbocharging

Alternate Fuels

  • Fuel Requirements and Qualities
  • Alternate Fuels in IC Engine
  • Hydrogen as an alternative fuel

Pollutants Formulation & it’s Control Systems

  • Formulation of Pollution
  • Total emission control package
  • Thermal Reactor package
  • Control of Emission
  • Euro Norms / implementation problems


Our Real- Time projects help you gain knowledge and enhance your skills.


On completion of a program each participant gets a course completion, internship and outstanding performance certificates.

Course Completion Certificate is awarded to you for the dedication and time you have provided to learn and enhance your skills during your training.

Internship Completion Certificate is awarded to you after gaining practical exposure and work experience by successful completion of the capstone projects.

Outstanding Performer Certification is awarded to the extraordinary students who have performed exceptionally well during the training and internship periods.

9 / 10 of our learners achieve their learning objectives after successful course completion.

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  • One On One Doubt Sessions
  • Certifications
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  • Placement Guidance
  • Interview Assistance



  • Recorded Lectures
  • Real Time Projects
  • 16+ Hrs of Live Sessions
  • One On One Doubt Sessions
  • Certifications
  • Mentor Support
  • Placement Guidance
  • Interview Assistance



    • Recorded Lectures
    • Real Time Projects
    • 24+ Hrs of Live Sessions
    • One On One Doubt Sessions
    • Certifications
    • Mentor Support
    • Placement Guidance
    • Interview Assistance


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01What jobs can I get after this course?

Some of the most popular job prospects in core IC engine fields are FEA Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Assistant Design Engineer, Automotive Test Engineer and so on.

02How long is the training?

Our self-paced and mentor led courses both last for a period of 2 months. Our advanced courses last for a period of 3 months.

03Will Acmegrade help with placements?

Acmegrade provides placement support for all students of our advanced courses. Students that perform well during their internship period in our self-paced and mentor led courses will also get placement support.

04How important is knowing about IC Engines?

For any mechanical engineer, or any engineer period, knowing about IC Engines is absolutely essential. IC Engines are the primary implement used to power nearly all machines and implements in the world today. Thus, knowing about these types of engines should be considered a pre-requisite.

05Will I get an internship?

Yes, Acmegrade guarantees an internship opportunity for all our students across all our courses.

06Can i pay the fee In instalment ?

Yes, you can book your slot by paying 1000 INR as pre-registration and the remaining amount can be paid later before starting the program.

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